Rekrit’ Paper pens - Wise Option Against Plastic pens! (Article by: Mr. Chetan Kothavade , Founder; Eco-Trust, Pune)

Rekrit’ Paper pens - Wise Option Against Plastic pens!

Upcycling the Waste Paper for better tomorrow!

Article written by: Mr. Chetan Kothavade (An Ecopreneur, Pune)

Ball pens are the most important stationery item which is massively used by school, college students all over the world. And so to fulfill the requirement of the market huge plastic is consumed for its production. But these use & throw plastic pens are not recycled & hence worstly increasing the plastic footprint on earth.

Let’s have a look on following facts

-  Use & throw pens cost are low but it cost higher for Nature!

-  There are no organized ways for recycling of plastic pens

-  27 lacs Plastic pens are produced per day

-  1.6 Billion pens waste are dumped on ground all over the world

Plastic takes approx 400 years to decompose. Due to rapidly increasing landfills & littering in water, soil life & sea life both are terribly getting bad impact. 8 million tons plastic thrown in sea every year. Crude oil & some toxic elements like formaldehyde, phenol needs lot of electricity to produce plastic, thereby increasing carbon footprints.

Considering above Eco sensitive Statistics, Journey of Eco-Trust had began towards upcycling the existing waste paper to make eco stationery items.
Eco-Trust is one of the well organized leading manufacturing company for premium quality eco friendly Paper Pencils, Paper Ball Pens & Notepads & Recycled paper articles. Eco-trust’s eco friendly stationery is known with brand Rekrit. The word “Rekrit itself means to Re-create the things out of waste resource.

Rekrit Paper Ball Pen is the best alternative for plastic ball pens that are commonly used. These Paper pens are made from 100% recycled paper which is collected as waste paper & waste news paper. These environmentally sensitive pens are made with rolling process in our plant. We are developing different kind of designs and continuous R&D also keeps ongoing to make it more attractive & durable for the best user experience. This is 95% solution for single used plastic pens & current R&D is ongoing to make this 100% very soon. Basic focuses is on reducing the dependency on plastic by up-cycling the waste or recycle paper to make pens & pencils.

 Eco pens are trending best for advertising & promotional activities for corporate. Use of these pens in organizations, schools, colleges is the best fit under Sustainability model.

       Rekrit Plantable Pens


How to grow Plantable Pen/Pencils??

  Plastic pens are demanded as Use & Throw pens in the market, which further becomes threat for Nature. Mostly these plastic pens are not recycled & even scrap pickers avoid to take these pens from public. At the end these plastic pens goes to the landfills & oceans thereby boosting up Plastic footprints.

Therefore we decided to set up trend of “Use & Throw & Grow” by launching these Rekrit’ Plantable Seed pens. Just imagine, after use if you throw these eco pens to open lands & it grows into green plants after some days, isn’t that really An Eco Friendly Vision?

Plantable pens are provided with different kinds of seeds like Tulasi, marigold, fenugreek, zinnia, coriander etc. These pens after use if you put in the soil & water it properly it will grow into trees or flower plants or vegetables.


Additional Characteristics

-         Smooth in writing

-         As these pens made from recycle paper Naturally it gives good grip quality

-         Cost effective Pens with Eco sensibleness

-         Best alternative for brand promotions & corporate gifting

-         High Quality standards are followed while manufacturing with Recycle Paper



Why Should We Prefer Eco Pens???

Beside all good characteristics & innovation very important to mention Use of these Paper pens Saves lot of carbon footprints as per following calculations

Increase in Plastic footprint = Increase in Carbon Footprint

1 kg of Plastic = 6 Kg of carbon

By the above calculation if any school/college or corporate company consumes 1000 paper pens, then it will save around 42 kg of carbon from scatter around

This is the wiser reason to adopt the Rekrit ball pens in our day to day life!

To Reduce the Single used Plastic percentage in Daily lifestyle is now our Social Responsibility towards Our Mother Earth. So Let’s Avoid Single used plastic!!


 Eco awareness campaigns by Eco-Trust

To reduce the carbon footprints in surroundings, we all need to act nature sensitively. Eco-trust is practicing Refuse_Reduce_Recycle & Reuse in order to develop best eco sensible alternatives for the schools, colleges, corporate & gifting industries etc. Eco trust is running campaigns for schools & colleges and making students aware about the Circular economy through Up cycling of waste resources. Running the plastic collection & E-waste collection drives & Tree plantation drives in the surrounding areas.

“Let’s Club Hands Together To Save Nature!!”- Eco-Trust

 “Sustainability is not the Trend, but its visionary lifestyle towards the Nature for our Upcoming generations”- Chetan Kothavade (An Ecopreneur)!!

To Reduce the Single used Plastic percentage in Daily lifestyle is now our Social Responsibility towards Environment.


Thank You!!

 An Article Written By

Chetan Kothavade
Founder, Eco-Trust, Pune


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