Rekrit Paper pencils – Upcycling waste paper for the better tomorrow! (Article by: Mr. Chetan Kothavade , Founder; Eco-Trust, Pune)


Rekrit Paper pencils – Upcycling waste paper for the better tomorrow!

Article written by: Mr. Chetan Kothavade (An Ecopreneur, Eco-Trust, Pune)

     Pencil is the most important stationery item which is massively used by school, college students all over the world. And so to fulfill the requirement of the market huge wood is consumed for its production. Nature’s destruction is leading to the global warming and many such horrible impacts.

     It is estimated that over 8 million trees are being chopped annually to produce pencils that we use on a daily basis. Over 13 million hectares of forests are lost to deforestation, out of which 36% is for paper manufacturing and 42% is for manufacturing timber-based products that constitutes about 18-20 billion pencils. Moreover, nearly 85 billion tons of paper wastes are generated each year and 40% of them end up in landfills. In addition to landfills, 9 billion used pens are thrown away all over the world annually, accounting to plastic accumulation.

    Considering above Eco sensitive Statistics, Journey of Eco-Trust began towards upcycling the existing waste paper to make eco stationery items.
Eco-Trust is one of the well organized leading manufacturing company of Premium quality eco friendly Paper Pencils, Paper ball pens & Notepads & Recycled paper articles. Eco-trust’s eco friendly stationery is known with brand Rekrit. The word “Rekrit itself means to Re-create the things out of waste resource.

  Discarded newspapers & recycled Paper is being used for the production of Paper pencils in the factory. Basic focus is on reducing the dependency on wood by upcycling the waste or recycle paper to make pens & pencils.
  We have visited some newspaper companies in Maharashtra, Karnataka & came across some information that approximately monthly 200-250 tons of paper raw material is been imported from Russia to print this newspapers & approximately 5-8% is waste generated out of it. So this waste Paper can definitely get recycled to create the eco stationery & can be reused for school, college & office stationeries.


Why should we prefer? : Rekrit Paper Pencils : Upcycled from waste paper

-         Paper pencils are made from 100% recycled Paper or waste news papers.

-         No trees are harmed hence reducing the cause of deforestation.

-         No any chemicals are used for manufacturing process & Hence safe for the kids.

-         Typical rolling process make the paper tightly wrap around lead, so perfectly round in shape & no breakdown during sharpening the pencil.

Rekrit Plantable seed Pencils

   Plantable pencils are provided with different kinds of seeds like tulasi, marigold, fenugreek, zinnia etc. These pencils/pens after use if you put in the soil & water it properly it will grow into trees or flower plants or vegetables. These plantable pens & pencils promotes for afforestation & thereby reduces carbon footprints.

   Now world has become digitalized but still we need paper for educational purpose, for books & Notepads, Posters etc. we cannot avoid these applications, but as a responsible citizens we must definitely adopt the stationery products which are made from recycled paper only. (Knowing that fresh paper making becomes major threat for deforestation).


Eco awareness campaigns by Eco-Trust

   To reduce the carbon footprints in surroundings, we all need to act nature sensitively. Eco-trust is practicing Refuse_Reduce_Recycle & Reuse in order to develop best eco sensible alternatives for the schools, colleges, corporates & gifting industries etc. Eco trust is running campaigns for schools & colleges and making students aware about the Circular economy through Upcycling of waste resources. Running the plastic collection & E-waste collection drives & Tree plantation drives in the surrounding areas.

“Let’s Club Hands Together To Save Nature!!”- Eco-Trust

 “Sustainability is not the Trend, but its visionary lifestyle towards the Nature for our Upcoming generations”- Chetan Kothavade (An Ecopreneur)!!

To Reduce the Carbon footprint & Plastic footprint in daily lifestyle is now our Social Responsibility towards Environment.


Thank You!!

An Article Written By: 
- Chetan Kothavade
 Founder, Eco-Trust, Pune

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